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CHDICT Chinese-Hungarian dictionary

Link: CHDICT kínai-magyar szótár

An open-source, community-edited Chinese-Hungarian dictionary that I initially conceived in early 2015. And what can stop you if you have a brilliant idea? It took a bit over 2 years to seed the dictionary with its first 11k entries, which I translated from the English and German in CC-CEDICT and HanDeDict.

Back in late 2015 HanDeDict became an orphan, and since I had already made a lot of progress with the website software, I re-published it at

HanziLookupJS and a bunch of texts right here are also offshoots of this project. I wouldn't advise anyone to embark on a similar adventure: Chinese lexicography has a way of sucking you in ;-)

Related Github repositories:

CAT Zine

Nooo, not that kind of cats. The interwebs haz enough of those.

Having spent 10+ years building a computer-aided translation tool (aka CAT tool) for a living, I realized the world had to know more about this awesome corner of the software business. So here you go, a fanzine for translators, geeks, aspiring language workers and veterans of the industry who share my enthusiasm for language and technology.

All your fuzzy match are belongs to us.

CAT Zine cover


Free, open-source Chinese handwriting recognition in Javascript.

HanziLookupJS demo

HanziLookupJS is a library based on Jordan Kiang's original HanziLookup from 2006. It contains data derived from Shaunak Kishore's Make Me a Hanzi, and an improved character recognition algorithm.

Check out the online demo at, or the code itself on Github.


A German vocabulary test inspired by I basically just wanted to find out about my own vocabulary, but eventually went down the rabbit hole and dug deeper into vocabulary stuff than any sane person would ever want to.

I've written a bunch of texts too but chose not to include them on this site because they are in German.

Now the least you can do is take the test yourself and share it with your friends. Or check out the source code on Github.